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Finished! This was originally called ‘2012 Armaghetton” but i thought it was a little too militant for a party mix. Also I added about 3 min to the beginning so the comments are all off, sorry.

Final version of the Moombahton Mixtape, a lot of Hip Hop remixes and blends. I made this primarily as an intoduction to Moombahton for people who have no idea what it is and don’t usually listen to edm. I figured all the hip hop remixes will give them something familliar to work with so they can get into it.

People who already like moombahton and bass music will definitely enjoy the second half of the mix, but may want to skip throught the begining as it’s a little top 40ish.

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Tracklist is here - http://djorigin-al.com/party-like-its-2012-mixtape/

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